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Anything more real would have feathers.

A true simulation of game shooting with testing targets, beautiful scenery and first class hospitality.


Raising the Height of Simulated Game Days

Realistic Targets

We have created simulated game days like no other. By using custom made traps and mobile lifts, we are able to replicate the feel of a real day's shooting in a way that has never been seen before. Our aim is to provide a challenging yet fun experience that will leave you wanting more even after the last whistle blows.

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Exceptional Hospitality

We know that a great day is measured by more than just the shooting. This is why our goal is for you to have as much fun between the drives as you do during, well, almost as much fun. Whether it's our beautiful shoot room, bespoke gun bus, warm hospitality or amazing food we will pull out all the stops to make your day a memorable one.


Designed From the Ground Up

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Custom Traps

Working closely with the engineers from Promatic we have designed a one-of-a-kind system. We utilise 10 different traps in order to replicate the wide variety of targets that you would see in the field.

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Mobile Mountains

Oxfordshire is not known for producing high pheasants. This is why we rely on two 35 metre lifts to provide our targets with the extra height they need in order to be challenging.


Award Winning Game Chef

We are delighted to introduce Chef Pascal Proyart as a member of our team. Pascal produces true field to plate meals by serving seasonal game such as venison, wildfowl, partridge and pheasant. He enjoys conversing with guests in the field and sharing his passion for producing incredible wild game dishes.

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Two Course Lunch

Afternoon Tea


Truly Simulated Days

Your Day Includes:

Four Unique Drives

Set in the heart of the Edgcote Estate you will enjoy a full day of shooting consisting of four different drives, each with its own unique topography and style of targets.

First Class Hospitality

You will be well looked after by our attentive host, award winning chef, and professional and friendly staff. Meals and drinks include a morning coffee or tea, savoury Elevenses in the field, a two course lunch at The Coach House and a decadent afternoon tea.

COVID-19 Safe

Due to COVID-19 we have taken a range of extra measures to keep everyone safe during this uncertain time. We will keep you informed as the laws and regulations continue to change.

Laughs and Memories to Last

There are some things in life that you just have to experience first hand in order to feel the sheer joy of it, such as hitting the high bird of the day or sharing a good laugh with friends. We hope a day with us widens your smile.

2021 Availability

Full team and individual pegs are available. The price is £7,500 plus VAT for a team of 12 or £625 plus VAT for an individual peg. Full hospitality is included in the price but cartridges are separate.




A big thanks to Tristram Allen and his staff at Truly Simulated for an absolute fantastic day. I couldn’t believe every drive had traps at 110ft+ where you could really pick and choose your target, and if you wanted to be really cheeky you could nick a few of your neighbour's birds, too! The hospitality and food was second to none. If you're thinking about going on a simulated day, then I definitely recommend to come here and give it a go as you won’t be disappointed.

Steve Cox, Banbury Gunsmiths

Where to Find Us

The Coach House, Edgcote, Banbury OX17 1SH, UK

07494 052511

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Reserve Your Day

£625 plus VAT per gun*

Full team days and individual pegs available.

*Pricing based on 12 guns and does not include cartridges


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